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18 Mar 2006

Dar-python 0.1 released.

The first public release of the Python bindings for libdar has been made. The release is available as both a source tarball and a patch against the DAR project CVS. All binding releases should be considered beta until the 1.0 release.

While the dar-python patch is provided against 2.4.0_dev CVS, it was developed for 2.3.0_dev and should apply fairly easily.

20 Mar 2005

Libdarc 0.1 released.

The first public release of the Libdar C language binding has been made. Sources can be found on the project site. All binding releases should be considered beta until the 1.0 release. However, full API and ABI compatibility is expected to the 1.0 release at this point. Any breakages will be clearly pointed out.

Libdarc 0.1 is compatible with libdar 3.0.0, distributed with DAR 2.2.x. Both libdarc and libdrc are fully functional with two exceptions: In libdrc the xml writer functions will not be operational until upstream functionality is added to libdar and in libdarc the get uid, gid, and cwd functions from the tools module are not implemented because the original code caused segmentation faults. The tools module should be fully functional by the 1.0 release.

18 Mar 2005

Libdrc specification complete.

Libdrc provides tools to parse and perform operations on dar run configuration files. This is an Xml format that stores detailed information about a dar library operation. The library API is complete and is documented under the Dar run configuration module in the libdarc API documentation. Drc documentation is forthcoming.

The library is completely implemented with the exception of the Xml file output functions and the open reference archive function. The output functions cannot be implemented until some additional functionality is merged upstream to libdar.

Libdarc implementation is progressing well. The archive create operation is the only implemented operation function, but most other modules are complete.

17 Mar 2005

Darbinding development mailing list created.

A developer's mailing list has been created. Darbinding lists can always be accessed from the Libdar Bindings project page. This list should be used to discuss development and usage issues related to Libdar alternate language bindings.

 23 Feb 2005

Draft C binding API specification complete.

I've finished writing and documenting a draft API specification for the C binding. I feel that it's usable and complete. If you are interested, please feel free to look it over. On the chance that you are someone who enjoys having a chance to contribute to a project without actually doing anything, now's your chance to act!

I welcome any feedback now even if you have no intent of actually working on, using, or looking at this library or dar again. Of course, if you know anything about coding that would be even better.

The build system is also written, although I make no guarantees it works well. Since there is nothing to actually compile, that is not much of a problem. Right now it just compiles an empty

Any comments, suggestions, or other words can be directed to <wleggette at> and specific suggestions about the C binding can always be filed as a bug against it here.