What exactly is that logo there?

It's a dissected frog.

Why, oh why?

Well, the idea is that, like most libraries, these bindings will be used as the "guts" of applications. In particular, I'm working on another program which is represented by the more customary visage of our amphibious friends. With more honesty, I point out that while making this website I spent some time looking through my image collection and bunch of pictures I'd taken when I was helping my mother with a dissecting lesson at the middle school she taught at. This is the frog I dissected.

Now, as long as you're taking a break from programming (as I was when I put this whole thing together) you might as well learn a little bit about the frog's anatomy:

Above, of course, we have the frog. If you are not eating you can see the original here. While the lungs were removed before this picture was taken, the points were they were originally attached can be seen in the photo. Some other major visible organs are labeled from A to E.

Visible organs

Why did you bother with all this?

Ah, you know, free time. It was an enjoyable break from programming.