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Libdar C Binding Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
dar_archiveIncomplete struct for use as an archive object pointer
dar_drcUsed to hold archive specifications and contextual objects
dar_infinintIncomplete struct for use as an infinint object pointer
dar_maskIncomplete struct for use as mask reference pointer
dar_pathIncomplete struct for use as path reference pointer
dar_statisticsStructure containing statistical information about a given operation
dar_sup_exceptionContainer for exceptions that occur during operations
dar_sup_flagsA collection of flags toogling various types of operations
dar_sup_libfeatureUsed to hold results when querying for available library features
dar_sup_libversionUsed to assist runtime version verification during library initialization
dar_sup_specA collection of options regarding archive location and contents
dar_sup_storageA collection of options regarding archive storage options
dar_user_interaction_structStorage container for passing callback functions to the library
libdar::user_interaction_callback_cCallback-based implementation of the user interaction class compatible with C type structs
libdar::user_interaction_nullNull user interaction class