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Libdar C Binding File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
cross_platform.h [code]Cross platform macros
integers.h [code]Rewrite of integers.hpp to make it portable to C
libdarc.cpp [code]Implements header
libdarc.h [code]Principal library functions and constants
libdrc.c [code]Implements header
libdrc.h [code]Dar run configuration file interpreter library
mask.cpp [code]Implements header
mask.h [code]Implements mask classes as flat function sets
mask_tools.cpp [code]Implements header file
mask_tools.h [code]Additional private tools for dar_mask objects
path.cpp [code]Implements header
path.h [code]Wrapper functions for path manipulation class
statistics.cpp [code]Implements header
statistics.h [code]Implements C compatible statistics struct
tools.cpp [code]Implements header
tools.h [code]C wrappers for some useful tools included in the C++ libdar library
translations.cpp [code]Implements header
translations.h [code]General functions for smoothing over the difference between the C and C++ data, cross platform integration, and debug macro definitions
user_interaction.cpp [code]Implements headers 'user_interaction.h' and 'user_interaction_specific.hpp'
user_interaction.h [code]User interaction class implemented as a collection of callbacks using C calling conventions
user_interaction_specific.hpp [code]Wrapper class for user_interaction object, the later of which is passed to libdar proper during library operations